Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Easy Boxes

Top Questions About Our Flat Fee Transfer Services

Below are common questions we have about our easy box and gift box transfer process. If your questions is not answered below please feel free to contact us.

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Easy Box Questions:

Where do I get the box?

Pick up your box at FedEx or UPS. Ask for an express medium box (up to 16x11x3). Or you can use our itemized calculator.

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What are the Dimensions of the Easy Box?

The Box is 16” x 11” x 3”, or 530 cubic inches. You are allowed to use a different box as long as its total volume is the same size or smaller.

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What limitations are there on the box?

You may include up to 25 video tapes, 30 film reels, and 750 images. For images, only standard formats may be included. Please see the scanning formats page for a listing of which formats are standard and which are non-standard.

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What if my box has more than 25 tapes, 750 images and/or more than 30 reels of film?

Each Easy Box can have up to 25 tapes, 750 images, and/or 30 reels of film. Above that, we will automatically add the extra tapes, images, and/or reels to your order's price until the price increase reaches $50. If it is more than this, we will be contacting you regarding the payment.

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