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Facebook is the easiest way to share your home movies

Connect your Home Movie Depot account with Facebook

When you do so, you will be able to post your digitized 8mm film and video tape transfer directly to your Facebook page. You will be surprised how many of your facebook friends will love watching these home movies. We make it easy with a one click share feature. Simply log into your account after your home movie transfer is complete and click on the Facebook icon.

Home Movie Conversion to DVD copies via Facebook

Your Home Movies on DVD make great gifts, but allowing friends and family to pay for their own copies can simplify your life. Your Facebook friends will be able to view streaming video of your home movie conversion, and order copies of just the films they want.

Once they become a Home Movie Depot customer they can even customize the home movies. For example, if you transfer 16 8mm film reels to DVD your brother-in-law could order his own DVD using just 8 of the film reels he wants. He could even change the titles of the reels and DVD!

Free Copies For Friends and Family

Once your order is complete, share your movies on Facebook. As many of your friends as you like will be able to view the film or video you decide to share, and they can even order copies for free! Check out our free copies page to learn more about this exciting program.

Save money and watch cool film reels!

Just click to Become a Fan on Facebook for Home Movie Depot Inc and then use the discount code FACEBOOK to get 10% off your order. We are so sure your friends will thank you for sharing your home movie to dvd conversion that we will give you a discount for becoming a fan. You will also receive our "Reel of the Week" which we select from the film we have transferred. Once you have become a fan, place your order and use the code.

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