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The Easy Box.  Our most popular item!
Convert any combination of video, film and images to DVD for one flat rate.

8mm to dvd

For just a flat rate $349 plus shipping, you can fill a medium UPS Medium Express or FedEx Medium box with materials, up to the limits specified below, and we will transfer all of it to DVDs for you!

You can upgrade to Expert Quality transfer for $100 more. This will ensure that your materials are digitized at the highest possible quality.

Number of Easy Boxes:
Standard options:
  • Professional quality digitization
  • One set of DVDs
Choose upgrades like:
  • Expert quality upgrade
  • Additional DVD copies
  • Flash Drives and Hard Drives

After you place your order, pick up one of these boxes.

UPS Medium Express Box.
Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 3
(inches outside)

Find nearby UPS Stores.
FedEx Medium Box.
Dimensions: 8-3/4 x 4-3/8 x 11-5/16
(inches inside).

Find nearby FedEx locations.

Easy Box Limits

You can include 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film. You are allowed up to 30 reels of any size as long as they fit in the box.

The box can contain up to 25 video tapes including vhs and all camcorder tapes (8mm video, hi8, digital8, vhs-c and minidv) as long as they fit in the box.

Additionally, your easy box can contain up to 750 images. This includes printed photos up to 8" x 10", 35mm slides and 35mm negatives. For non-35mm slides, non-35mm negatives, and negatives in rolls or long strips, please use the customized option.These formats are not accepted in an Easy Box.

Any material included in the box that exceeds these limits will be charged at our standard rates.

Easy Box Upgrades

Expert Easy Box

When you upgrade to an Expert Easy Box, you are ensuring that all your material is transferred at the highest possible quality. This means brighter colors, clearer faces, and an overall better experience. We highly recommend this upgrade! Required for Hard Drive Orders.

Easy Box Hard Drive

Are you interested in editing your home movies? Do you want to preserve them in a truly digital format for when DVD’s are no longer used? Then this is the upgrade for you. For the low price of $119.95, we will provide digital files corresponding to your entire home movie transfer on a portable, convenient USB external hard drive. We can also create a Mac compatible hard drive. More Hard Drive Information

Easy Box Flash Drive

This option is the same as the hard drive, except that we will compress your files and deliver them on a convenient, flash drive that fits in your pocket! More Information

To learn more about our film to video and transfer services visit our 8mm to dvd, video to dvd and image scanning pages.

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