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New York Times

Gadgetwise - Q & A: Digitizing Those 16mm Memories
by J.D. Biersdorfer
July, 21 2009

Shelterrific - What I made for mother's day, plus a mini gift guide

What I made For Mothers Day - Plus a Mini Gift Guide
Shelterrific - Where people who love their homes click
May 2009

Home Movie Depot in Killerstartups.com

HomeMovieDepot.com - Memories Far Beyond Technology
September 2008

Home Movie Depot in Chamber of Commerce Spotlight

Our spotlight business is: Home Movie Depot
Southern Boone County Chamber of Commerce
August 2008

News Tribune

Local Blockbuster store offers home movie digitzation
News Tribune
July 2008

Wired - Home Movie Depot

Marketnews at PMA talking to Home Movie Depot
February 2008

Wired - Home Movie Depot

Digital Video Expo Features Home Movie Depot
December 2007

Indy Reports - Home Movie Depot

Time Stands Still at Home Movie Day
The Independent Weekly
August 2007

Consumer Reports - Home Movies

Home Movies
Consumer Reports
May 2007

Yahoo! Movies Groups

Think of Me First as a Person named to National Film Registry
Yahoo! Movies Groups
December 2006

post-gazette.com - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"TechMan: Convert your movie film to video or DVD easily"
post-gazette.com - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
August 2006

Boone County Journal

"Thanks to all the volunteers"
Boone County Journal
July 2006

PC World

"Making Movies: Your Home Movie Questions Answered"
PC World
June 2006

Columbia Daily Tribune

"Entrepreneur gives old movies new life"
Columbia Daily Tribune
February 2006

Miller's Professional Imaging

Miller's Professional Imaging
Miller's Professional Imaging
August 2005

Charlie Suisman's MUG - Manhattan User's Guide.com

"Video Transfers"
Manhattan User's Guide
August 2005

U.S.News & World Report

"Dads Go Digital"
by David LaGesse
June 2005

New York

"Is This Microphone On?"
by J. D. Biersdorfer
July 2004

The Wall Street Journal

"Do Your Old Home Movies A Reel Service: Go Digital"
by Lee Gomes
September 2004

New York

"Rescuing Memories Trapped in Old Film"
by Michelle Slatalla
February 2002

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