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Home Movie Depot: Over Ten Years of Video Transfer Safety

Trust Us With Your Box of Home Movies

When you send us your precious memories you trust us to keep them safe. Our processes help ensure that your irreplaceable tapes are protected. We bar code each video tape as it is checked in to our system, have trained tape technicians caring for your tapes during transfer, keep a back up copy of your transferred video tapes for 30 days - just in case, and use FedEx tracking numbers. These measures help ensure that you have peace of mind and that your video tapes are protected.

  • For safety of your precious memories, we recommend transferring your video tapes to DVD and hard drive. This safeguards your media for the future.
  • Home Movie Depot recommends at least two backups of your family‚Äôs video tapes. With backup and safety in mind, the External Hard Drive is highly recommended. This provides not only the files for editing and burning purposes, but also for archiving purposes.
  • When sending us your valuable memories, please use a shipping provider such as FedEx or UPS that will provide a tracking number.

Your videotapes are neither destroyed nor damaged in the process. You will even be able to watch the original movies, if you so choose, after we ship you your new DVD.

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