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The prices below are for transferring a video tape to DVD. You can also take a look at our Film Pricing, Image Scanning Pricing, and Flat Fee Options. If you have any questions please contact us.

Video Tape Cost

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Submit this form
Easy Box*
Premium Video Transfer (All Formats) $22.95 $13.96
Expert Video Transfer** (All Formats) $28.95 $17.96
Additional DVD Copy (per tape) $12.95 $2.40
Movies to USB External Hard Drive** $119.95 $119.95
Movies to USB Flash Drive** $34.95 $34.95
  Premium PAL-Formatted Transfer $24.95 Not Included
  Expert PAL-Formatted Transfer $28.95 Not Included
Custom Editing Call for a quote
* Price indicated is based on max allowed by easy box limit of 25 videos per box
** Expert Transfer is required for Hard/Flash Drive Orders
Please Note:A small portion of video tapes have more than 2 hours of capacity. Tapes over 2 hours in length will incur an extra charge and will be billed as an additional tape for each two hour block of time. Our system is setup as a one-to-one transfer, so each tape is transferred to its own DVD disc. If a tape is longer than 2 hours, the footage will be transferred to multiple disks and be charged as multiple transfers.
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