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We can transfer VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Video8, Digital8, Hi8, and MiniDV Tapes to DVD

Here at Home Movie Depot, we have always felt that our customers deserve the chance to enjoy all their home movies in a digital format. That is why we transfer VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Betamax, Video8, Digital8, Hi8, and MiniDV tapes to DVD. We want you to be able to recapture all those moments, no matter the format. Do you have a videotape type that is not on this list? Contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs, or help you find someone who can. If you have any questions while browsing, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

VHS/S-VHS (Video Home System)

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convert VHS to DVD

Home Movie Depot can convert VHS to DVD. A VHS cassette is a hard shell cassette containing a 12.7 mm (½ inch) wide magnetic tape wound between two spools. This set-up allows the tape to slowly pass over the various playback and recording heads of a VCR. The thicker type of tape also helps to avoid jams during playback. These tapes can hold any amount of material, ranging all the way up to 8 hours, depending on the recording mode. The best resolution appears when the recorder is set on Standard Play. Commercial prerecorded tapes are almost always recorded in this mode. Home Movie Depot can transfer VHS to DVD with exact precision. Any speed reduction, to Long Play or Extended Play, will result in the corresponding video quality reduction as well. When we convert VHS to DVD, our movies will reflect this relationship.

VHS-C (Video Home System- Compact)

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convert VHS-C to DVD

Home Movie Depot can convert VHS-C to DVD. This tape is commonly used in most camcorders, as it was one of the original formats for camcorder tapes. VHS-C are smaller than VHS tapes, but operate on the same magnetic tape principles. The cassette houses one main spool and another take-up spool. Just like when we copy VHS to DVD, a geared wheel moves the VHS-C tape forward. These tapes can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. The VHS-C conversion to DVD is completed with the help of an adapter.

MiniDV (Digital Video)

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convert Mini Dv to DVD

Home Movie Depot can convert Mini-DV to DVD. The Mini-DV features intraframe compression, a standard interface for transfer to non-linear editing systems, and good video transfer quality. These 65 x 48 x 12 mm, or "S-size", hard shell cassettes usually run between 60 and 90 minutes, but 80 minute tapes are also available and the cassettes can even record 120 minutes of video in EP/LP mode. This “tape” is actually consists of digital signal rather than analog signal, unlike its magnetic tape predecessors. The Mini-DV format supports both 12bit and 16bit audio tracks. Home Movie Depot uses 16bit as the standard for digital tape transfers.

8mm Tape (Video 8)

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convert Video 8 to dvd

Home Movie Depot can convert video 8 to DVD. In 1985, Sony of Japan introduced the Handycam, one of the first Video8 cameras. Because of its compact size, Video8 became very popular in the home movie market. The 8mm magnetic tape is wound between two spools, held in a hard shelled cassette. These tapes may look very similar to audio cassettes, but they function very similarly to VHS tapes. These tapes captured between 90 and 120 minutes of footage, depending on which recorder is used.

Digital 8mm

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convert Digital 8 to DVD

Home Movie Depot can convert digital 8 to DVD. This tape is the digital variant of the Video8 tapes. It is Sony’s brand of the digital hi-8 tape and very comparable in video conversion quality to the miniDV.

Hi-8 (Hi-band Video 8)

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convert VHS

Home Movie Depot can convert Hi-8 to DVD. To compete with the growing technology, the Video8 evolved into the Hi-8. The Hi-8 tapes have a resolution of 400 horizontal lines and a recording time of 120 minutes.


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convert betamax

Home Movie Depot can convert Betamax to DVD. Betamax tapes contain 12.5-inch wide videotape. It is also known as a Beta and was once a competitor to VHS tapes.

If you choose Home Movie Depot's video tape conversion process, we will price match any of our competitors. If you find a lower video conversion price from another company offering this service, simply contact us and we will match their price! Whether you are looking for a single VHS to DVD conversion or you need an entire box of old home movies converted, we can help you.

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