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35mm Negative To DVD Scanning Service

Let us Scan Your 35mm Negatives to Digital DVD

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When we scan your negatives, we want the process to be as stress-free as possible. Our Negative to DVD scanning service will make this process quick and easy.

Transfer Film Negatives In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Place your 35mm negative scanning order here
  2. Send us your images for 35mm negative scanning
  3. We'll process your 35mm negative scanning order and send back all of your images on a DVD- ready to drop into your home computer!

Well, that's all you need to do. Here are the steps that Home Movie Depot takes to make sure that your 35mm negative scanning is safe, easy, and high quality.

  1. We generate a list of barcodes for each container of 35mm negatives. This bar code contains all of your contact information as well as all of the specifics around your order. This way your images will be connected to your account through every step of the 35mm negative scanning process.
  2. The first thing we do when we receive the order is to open the box and verify that all negatives have arrived safely. We check the quality of the negatives before we send them to the negative scanning machine. We also replicate your unique bar code on the outside of the box, so the container that holds your 35mm negatives also has all of your order specifics.
  3. A trained transfer technician is assigned to your negative scanning order. This technician stays with the order during the entire negative scanning process to ensure superior color, contrast, and clarity in your order.
  4. After the negative scanning, your 35mm negatives are never handled again. Your images are now digital! We send the files over to our upload software, which notifies the DVD burner that DVD needs to be made, and finally a DVD of your images comes out and is added to your box of 35mm negatives.
  5. Your 35mm negative scanning is complete. Once we have the DVD and the original media, we package your order for return shipping. We put your negatives and new DVD into a plastic bag to protect from moisture during transit. Then we cushion a sturdy cardboard box with packing peanuts so that your items are not damaged during shipping.
  6. A FedEx drive comes to our location to pick up the package and immediately registers the tracking number with so that you can watch the package every step of its way back to you.
  7. Every person who interacts with your order must sign off that their part of the 35mm negative scanning process is completed safely.

Learn More About Our Negative Film Scanner

Many companies can tell you that they are the best, but here at Home Movie Depot, we want to give you specifics about our method and the negative film scanner equipment that we use during our scanning process.

We've put the money into many high end negative film scanners, Nikon Super CoolScan 5000, to ensure the safety and high quality of your 35mm negative images. If you were to go out and buy a scanner, these scanners can cost thousands of dollars. At that price Home Movie Depot can scan 5,000+ slides for the price of a negative film scanner. Rather than spending even less money on a less quality scanner, you are better off taking advantage of Home Movie Depot's equipment! Beyond the price, the labor involved in negative film scanning, between training and scanning, could cost you months of your time. We'd much rather see you devote your attention to enjoying the final product, or working on your own editing projects, and leave the tedious negative film scanner work to us.

Resolution and Quality:

Our negative film scanners are capable of scanning at both 2000dpi and 4000dpi. 2000dpi is an adequate scanning method and will produce a good image. However, the 4000dpi will give you our best resolution possible- the equivalent to taking a picture with a 19.3 mega pixel camera.

Dust and Scratch Removal:

This is one of the great areas where technology is available that will actually give you a better image than scanning alone. Kodak's Digital ICE (Image Correction and Enhancement) is an old images best friend. Through infrared scan (which is safe for your image) the software can pick up imperfections in your image that our negative film scanners captured. Our high end negative film scanner will allow us to control the level of repair to your negative, so that we don't compromise any color and texture.

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