Film Transfer Types

Home Movie Depot is proud to offer two types of film transfer methods. Read on to see which film transfer method will best suit your conversion needs.

Premium Transfer Method

Premium Transfer Method is available for 8mm film, silent Super8 film, and all 16mm film. The process is an real time telecine transfer- where the images shoots directly from the projector onto the chip in the camera. Premium Transfer works well for viewing purposes on DVD, and is wonderful for editing- especially if you would like to pull still images from the footage. All of our Home Movie Depot hard drives come with free still image capture software!

Expert Transfer Method

Expert Transfer Method is available for 8 mm film and sound Super8 film. This transfer method is done with a high definition camera- resulting in the sharpest picture and clearest color. The process looks wonderful on DVD and is ideal if you want to do any editing on your home computer. To take advantage of this service, you will want to order a hard drive with your film transfer. You will receive both AVI and HD files on the hard drive.

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