Sequoia Media Group and Home Movie Depot, Inc. Team Up to Provide Better Products and Services to Their Clients.

Home Movie Depot, Inc. the nation’s top online home movie digitization website offers myMovieProducer Themed DVD Packages to direct customers and affiliates.

ASHLAND, Mo., August, 29 2008- Home Movie Depot, Inc. - the online destination where consumers and professional videographers and major retailers have their family photos, negatives, slides, film and video digitized onto DVDs and other media -is proud to announce its partnership with Sequoia Media Group, Inc.- the company that created myMovieProducer and the aVinci Experience,- to offer customizable Themed DVD slide show creation software and digitization services across both networks. This partnership will enhance the way customers enjoy their images.

“Home Movie Depot’s mission is to help our customers have fun with their memories.” says Gerald McKinney, president of Home Movie Depot. “No matter what form they are in- analog slides, 35mm negatives, prints, or digial photos- we’ll be able to provide a sharing solution for our customers’ images”

This partnership benefits Home Movie Depot customers and affiliates because it joins two main aspects of organizing pictures: digitizing and customizing. Users that have digial photos from their digital camera will be able to purchase a ready to install software directly from Home Movie The software guides users through the creation of a customized Themed DVD slide shows. For those customers who do not have their slides, negatives, or photos in a digital form, Home Movie Depot also offers the digitization solution.

Sequoia retail partners benefit from this collaboration because they have a safe, reliable method for digitizing those shoe boxes full of analog media. Users across the myMovieProducer network will be able to go to the website and click on the “Convert Your Analog Media” link to instantly access all of the Home Movie Depot digitization tools.

“Sequoia’s mission has been to help the ordinary customer have the ability to easily create and share digital images of life experiences” says Bobbi Wilson, Business Development of Sequoia Media Group. “With Themed DVDs, Home Movie Depot customer will be able to take the digitized images that Home Movie Depot produced and make their own customized slide show to play on their home DVD player. With Home Movie Depot’s high-quality transfer services, our affiliates will have a digitization solution to provide to all of their customers. End users can do it themselves”

“Home Movie Depot is already a dominant online provider of digitization services, and this partnership will allow even more users to benefit from our ever growing product and service offerings.” said Chris Force, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Home Movie Depot “Not only will we be able to continue serving our analog-to-digital customers, but Sequioa’s offering will be a way for digital customers to benefit from the Home Movie Depot brand as well.”

The myMovieProducer kits are available from for $29.95. Digitization services start at $0.12/foot for film, $12.95/tape, and $0.25/slide. Wholesale pricing is available.

About Home Movie Depot

HomeMovieDepot ( is an online destination where consumers can have their analog media (slides, photos, negatives, 8mm, 16mm, VHS, Betamax, etc.) professionally digitized into DVDs or other digital formats then share those formats with family and friends all over the world. When converting video to DVD or transferring 8mm or 16mm film to a hard drive, you're taking the first step in joining the home-movie community. With a mission to unify friends and family in the celebration of home movies, Home Movie Depot wants you to have fun with your memories. Home Movie Depot is proud to have been spotlighted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Parade, Yahoo TV9, and Consumer Reports. Most recently, the company has opened a new location in Xalapa, Veracruz in Mexico for servicing the Latin American market. (


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About Sequoia

Sequoia Media Group LC (SMG), was founded in 2003 as a response to the digital imaging revolution and currently develops engaging ways for anyone to tell their "Story" with personal digital expressions. SMG distributes products through leading retailers, photo websites and image service providers who are able to offer their customers a complete, refined production — not a complicated software tool requiring time and training to execute. SMG has secured relationships with leading kiosk platforms and website photo suppliers, representing nearly 50% of the consumer photo market.


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Sequoia Media Group

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