Home Movie Depot, Inc. Opens the Holiday Season With Timely Marketing Campaign

Online home movie transfer company partners and promotes with the help of As Seen on TV, Uptone Pictures and Sentimental Journeys

ASHLAND, Mo., Nov. 2, 2007 — Next time you open a package from As Seen on TV, Uptone Pictures or Sentimental Journeys, don’t toss the box. Instead, take a closer look inside because you’re in for a nice surprise.

Home Movie Depot - www.HomeMovieDepot.com/ - the online destination where consumers and professional videographers have their family movies digitized into DVDs and archived online - is promoting services and exciting incentives through a four-color flyer, which will be included in all As Seen on TV, Uptone Pictures and Sentimental Journeys shipments. Home Movie Depot has just partnered with these three popular companies in an effort to market its state-of-the-art home-movie digitization. The campaign kicks off this October and runs through December, hitting an estimated 2.6 million households just in time for the holidays.

“We’re thrilled that these great corporations have joined in our mission to give more families the chance to celebrate their memories and share them with friends and family,” said Gerald McKinney, president of Home Movie Depot. “We foresee a very successful campaign because of the sheer number of people we’ll reach during our busiest time. We do about 40 percent of our business in the last quarter of the year - mainly because people need a reason to have their home movies transferred. The giving of holiday gifts is that very reason.”

“We further expect these strategic marketing efforts to play right into our sales efforts for our hundreds of business partners and affiliates across North America. These efforts, combined with the recent opening of facilities in Xalapa, Mexico to serve our Latino customers are certain to continue the growth of our domestic and international sales,” said Chris Force, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Home Movie Depot will continue to service all of our US customers domestically.”

While Home Movie Depot is the nation’s largest Internet-based digitization provider, it has also earned a solid reputation as the premiere site for editing and archiving movies for safekeeping online. What’s more, Home Movie Depot offers high-definition film transfer, using highly efficient LED light source, rather than traditional light bulbs. Also of note, the company is introducing its “Home Movie Depot Store” for selling home-movie products and video editing software and hardware. This, in addition to the latest holiday marketing campaign, is one of many efforts Home Movie Depot is making to grow its product and service offerings.

The Web sites of Home Movie Depot’s three holiday campaign partners are:

-- As Seen on TV - http://www.asseenontv.com/
-- Uptone Pictures - http://www.christmasmemories-themovie.com/
-- Sentimental Journeys - http://www.urthestardvd.com/

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HomeMovieDepot.com is an online destination where consumers can have their old family movies professionally digitized into DVDs and archived online. When converting video to DVD or transfer 8mm film to a hard drive, you're taking the first step in joining the home-movie community. With a mission to unify friends and family in the celebration of home movies, Home Movie Depot wants you to have fun with your memories. Home Movie Depot is proud to have been spotlighted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Parade, Yahoo TV9, and Consumer Reports. Most recently, the company has opened a new location in Xalapa, Veracruz in Mexico.


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